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CTBC Brothers

The Brothers (Elephants) organization is one of the four founding clubs of CPBL. The club, backed up by the Brother Hotel Inc., is recognized as the club with the strongest fan support throughout the country in the early days of the CPBL. The club clinched the title three years in a row from 1992 to 1994, and repeated such achievement from 2001 to 2003 again. With fans all over the country, the games involving the Elephants are always box office hits. The Elephants bounced back in 2010 and grabbed the Taiwan Series title for the 7th time in their club history. On Dec 2013, Brother Elephants was sold to CTBC financial group for 400 million TWD. To preserve the yellow-shirt spirits, the club changed its name to CTBC Brothers and chose Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium as its home field.

  • Total W/L Record (until 2023, 34 seasons): 1787W-1720L-106T
  • Total Winning Percentage: 0.510
  • Championships: 9

Fubon Guardians

The Guardians was originally formed as Jungo Bears. After resale transactions thrice, the team name was changed to the Sinon Bears, Sinon Bulls, and EDA Rhinos. In November 2016, Fubon financial group signed a contract with E-United Group to purchase the EDA Rhinos and announced the new team as Fubon Guardians. From then on, Fubon group became the first enterprise in Taiwan to own both professional baseball and professional basketball teams. The Guardians settled down with Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City, the Fubon group put a lot of effort into improving the facilities and environments of the ballpark, demonstrating its determination and passion for running a professional baseball business. The Guardians clinched a playoff berth in its second season in 2018. In the 2020 season, Hong, I-Chung, the manager with most victories and most championships in CPBL history takes over the role and challenges the first championship title since the Fubon Guardians was established in 2017.

  • Total W/L Record (until 2023, 31 seasons): 1504W-1759L-82T
  • Total Winning Percentage: 0.461
  • Championships: 3

Rakuten Monkeys

The predecessor Lamigo Monkeys has been operating in the Taoyuan for many years. Lamigo Monkeys had many enthusiastic fans and has become an example of local operations. The Monkeys has won 7 CPBL annual championships and has both strength and popularity. Lamigo Monkeys represented CPBL at the Asia Series in 2012 and finished as runner-up, it matched the La New Bears grabbed the 2nd place in 2006 as the best performance of the CPBL teams in the Asia Series history. In the mid-season 2019, the Japanese corporation Rakuten Group, which owns the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles team in Japan, took over the three-peat (2017-2019) Lamigo Monkeys and kept its home field at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium. Rakuten Monkeys as the new name of the Lamigo Monkeys are going to play in CPBL from 2020. And set foot in both Taiwan and Japan baseball industries to create a new era.

  • Total W/L Record (until 2023, 21 seasons): 1235W-1111L-54T
  • Total Winning Percentage: 0.526
  • Championships: 7

Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions

The Lions are one of the four founding members of the League. Based in Tainan, it is widely recognized as one of the most successful models of professional baseball operations. The organization adopted Tainan Municipal Stadium and turned it into one of the most historic stadiums in Taiwan. The Lions currently hold the record of most championships by winning in 1991, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011, 2013. The Lions are also the only CPBL club that made four appearances in the Asia Series in 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013. In 2013, the Lions won the Taiwan Series and finished 2nd in the Asia Series 2013, continuing its dominance as the most successful team in CPBL. The Lions are also the only remaining CPBL founding team that has never been resold.

  • Total W/L Record (until 2023, 34 seasons): 1851W-1650L-113T
  • Total Winning Percentage: 0.529
  • Championships: 10

Wei Chuan Dragons

Backed by the Wei Chuan Food Corp., it is one of the four founding clubs that turned professional after years of successful running in the amateur circle. The Dragons team is also known as one of the most successful run clubs in CPBL's history. Winner of four championships (then a record for most championships won) was said to be the only club with the ability to compete with the Brother Elephants with fan support. In the early years of CPBL, games between the Dragons and the Elephants are the most watched match among all matches. The Wei Chuan Dragons withdrew from the League in 1999 immediately after clinching their third-in-a-row title. In May 2019, Commissioner Wu officially announced that CPBL has agreed Ting Hsin Group to join the CPBL as the Wei Chuan Dragons. They will enter the minor league in 2020 and will return to the major league in 2021. The refurbished Hsinchu Municipal Baseball Stadium will be the new home field for the Dragons.

  • Total W/L Record (until 2023, 14 seasons): 645W-610L-48T
  • Total Winning Percentage: 0.514
  • Championships: 5

TSG Hawks

The TSG Group announced its commitment to the CPBL in 2022 with the establishment of a new team, the TSG Hawks. Based on the TSG Group's history of being based in Southern Taiwan, the Hawks choose Kaohsiung City as their home base and use green as the team's main color. The TSG Hawks attended the minor league season in 2023 and officially inaugurated their first major league season in 2024.

  • Total W/L Record (until 2023): 0W-0L-0T
  • Total Winning Percentage: N/A
  • Championships: 0