About CPBL

Current Season Structures


Each team plays 120 games with 60 games each in the first- and second-half season.


Playoff Series: Best-of-Five

Taiwan Series: Best-of-Seven

Half season winners and a wild card team are eligible for the postseason. The wild card team will play a Playoff Series (best of five) with the half-season winner with lower winning percentage, the half-season winner is awarded one win to start the Playoff Series. The winner of the Playoff Series and the half-season winner with higher winning percentage will advance to the Taiwan Series (best of seven).

If there's a team clinches both first and second half seasons, the 2nd & 3rd place of the regular season will play the Playoff Series. The winner of the Playoff Series and the regular season winner will advance to the Taiwan Series, the regular season winner is awarded one win to start the Taiwan Series.


Eleven (11) stadiums are used to stage the top tier professional games in 2024: Taipei Dome & Tienmu (Taipei City), Xinzhuang (New Taipei City), Rakuten Taoyuan (Taoyuan City), Taichung Intercontinental (Taichung City), Tainan (Tainan City), Cheng-Ching Lake (Kaohsiung City), Douliu (Yulin County), Chiayi (Chiayi City), Hualien (Hualien County), Taitung (Taitung County). During the past 30 years CPBL has played in 19 stadiums throughout Taiwan.


Each team is allowed to carry a 28-man active roster in the major league, including foreign players. Each team is allowed to register three foreign players on their active roster and play two simultaneously on the field.


One draft is held in June/July every year for amateur players with Taiwanese nationality.

Trade deadline

August 31st is the trade deadline and the last day to register foreign players for the remaining of the season. Local players acquired after the trade deadline through waiver are not eligible to play in the post-season games.

Free Agency

The FA system was implemented starting the 2010 season. Players with 9 years of service will be granted FA while players with 3 years of service will be granted eligible abroad status with consent of the player’s club.

Minimum Salary

The minimum salary for CPBL major league players is 840,000 TWD per year. The average salary is 1.5 million TWD per year. (2009 data).

Key Dates

  • March/April - Opening Day
  • July/August - All-Star Game
  • August 31stLast day to register new foreign players; Last day to register local players to be eligible for postseason
  • October/NovemberPostseason